Monday, April 4, 2011


Done a few mods to the heli since the last post.
Have upgraded a few bits as below:
Align V3 headblock - Stronger and better than HK one
Align V3 Tail boom and Tail drive support - enables me to also fit the one piece Align tail drive gear as you need to have split bearing holders.
Corona DS-919MG Digital Servos on Cyclic, super fast and strong metal gears. Make a huge difference to the smoothness of control.
A couple of sets of Fibreglass blades as spares.

Have a few things on order from Hobbyking specifically:
11 & 13 Tooth Pinions
Carbon Flybar Paddles (look really well made)
Turnigy 9x LCD Backlight Kit (this will be awesome! and only $5 USD, just waiting for stock)
New Gyro tape (as it was cheap)