Saturday, December 31, 2011

Welcome to my RC Heli Blog

I hope to chronicle my build of a super affordable TRex 450 clone helicopter, complete and ready to fly for less than $200 USD! including a decent charger, transmitter, battery etc.
I intend to use cost effective parts to create something on par with its Align heritage!
I then plan on upgrading parts as they wear out or break (crash!).
At some stage in the future I intend to do similar with a TRex 600 Clone.
I used to fly a TRex 450 SA, which I had many dollars invested in. It flew well and it taught me to how to fly and setup rc helis.  I used a JR X2610 computer radio and had expensive align servos and esc. Gyro was a Telebee which never worked that well.
Having had a few crashes, I soon realised that genuine parts were very expensive. I soon updated the plastic head and tail with "knock off" chinese metal versions. This improved the reliability and crash resistance no end.
Eventually I needed some cash and with such a big investment in the gear it was decided to sell all of it as a package.
It wasn't long before I longed for another, but this time I wanted to do it cheaper!
I became aware of a website called HobbyKing that specialises in cheap but good RC products.
I promptly made some orders and got underway with my rekindled hobby.