Monday, May 16, 2011

Upgrades II

Well i've been doing a few more things to the heli.
Firstly I have bought a Corona DSSS 2.4Ghz module and receivers, this gives a better signal and improved reception over the stock Turnigy module/receiver.
I managed to pick up the module with both an 8 channel and a micro 4 channel receiver which I intend to put in a small flying wing or similar.
This module/rx combo along with the digital servo's has bought a new kind of smoothness to the heli and is definately to be recommended.
My Hobbyking order has arrived and I have fitted the DIY backlight kit to my Turnigy 9x transmitter. Makes it a lot nice to use/program in low light conditions etc.
The carbon flybar paddles look really good, can't really notice a difference in handling but they do look the business :)
Recently I've put in another order with Hobbyking for a few items:
Assan MEMS Gyro
XT60 Connectors (for spares)
HXT900 gear sets (for my old damaged servos, probably put these into a plane)
The MEMS Gyro has the best type of sensor that Gyro's can come with, this should make the Heli even better. Hopefully I will be using this in a 600 sized electric heli at some stage!