Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Construction Begins

I started construction straight away, most of the frame was prebuilt so just a quick check of the screws etc and it was soon complete.
The tail and head were pretty good, linkages were preset at the correct lengths as per the Align TRex 450 SE manual.  Loktite was applied to almost all of the screws, always worth checking just in case.

The head and tail were installed quickly, one thing that seems a little weak was the antirotation bracket that picks up the swash plate on the top of the frame. I might replace this with an alloy version at some stage.

Servo install went without a hitch although they are a tight fit, but gentle persuasion soon gets them in.The heli came with some extra fastenings including some motor screws that unfortunately were too short!
Luckily I have some spare from another project.
At the end of the night I had it to the stage you see here.

Tomorrow night I will be adding the gyro, esc and reciever, drilling holes for the canopy, soldering the plugs on the motor and anything else I can think of......