Friday, October 15, 2010

Gyro & CCPM/Radio Setup

 Made sure my Gyro linkages were mechanically setup perfect as this can cause trouble later on.
Ball is 7-8mm from centre of servo arm, 90 degrees to rod as per the V2 SE Manual.
Check for full movement and set the limits on the gyro so you don't stall and burn your servo.
I then spent the rest of the night setting up pitch and throttle curves, if you have trouble with these please check out Finless Bob Whites video series in the Heli Setup tab at the top of this blog.

Pretty straight forward on the Turnigy 9x to be honest, just did as the V2 SE manual stated for both Normal, Idle1 and Idle2 setups, these worked fine for me in the past.
One thing I did have a little bit of initial trouble with was the amount of pitch available, easily solved actually.  In the Turnigy 9x setup there is an option for Swashmix, you just change the pitch setting till you have the full positive and negative pitch (make sure you have the pitch curves set to full first).
Just gotta wait till the morning and the weather clears to give it its maiden!