Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wiring Complete

My Flexo PET finally arrived, which is the special nylon overbraid for the protection of my wires.
Takes a bit of skill to put on the wire, you have to remove the servo plugs and then I used a portion of the tip of a pencil to spread the braid, then followed that with a straw. Finally once its all pushed onto the straw you feed the wires through the straw and slide the straw out.  Then you cut some small pieces of Heatshrink to stop it fraying and shrink them on to the ends.   I used a contrasting blue to match the servos.
All of the wires are now braided except for the motor and main power leads, they aren't really needed as they are tucked away neatly.

I ordered a few bits today from HobbyHanger, some velcro for the battery mount and some canopy grommets to hold the canopy onto the frame.  Hopefully these will arrive tomorrow (Friday) so I can install and hopefully get the Radio setup to give it a bit of a maiden on the weekend all going well.